We Make You Look Good – ESCOs Depend On Our Experienced Team

Energy service companies consistently partner with LRI because we bring a proven track record across over 500 projects worldwide, from government, commercial, industrial, to medical, schools and university campuses. We have offices and experts across the U.S. and case studies relevant to any potential engagement.

One Size Does Not Fit All – Creative Solutions Means Greater ROI

We have seen it all – but every project as unique. The secret to achieving maximum return on investment is exploiting every opportunity a site offers for energy efficiency, not just applying standard solutions. We apply new, cutting edge technologies as soon as they are tested and proven.

Meticulous Systems & Procedures – Highly Efficient Audit, Design & Construction

Through hundreds of projects we have honed our methodology so every detail is handled, every possible challenge anticipated; from material handling to quality control to final inspections. The result is no surprises and no disruption in your daily workflow.

We are Vendor Neutral – The Best Solutions for Best Performance

We are an independent, privately owned firm with no affiliation to any manufacturer or product. Our allegiance is to the highest quality, longest lasting parts on the market. Products and conditions differ in every project, and manufacturers constantly change and improve their designs with varying levels of success. We constantly test and research new products to ensure that our customers receive the best product mix for their facilities.

Guaranteed Results – Ongoing Support

We stand behind our work to ensure 100% satisfaction and savings that meet or exceed projections. End-customers and ESCOs alike appreciate our enduring commitment, from operations, maintenance and safety training, to final as-built files, rebate applications, and 179D documentation.


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