PhotovoltaicsOur experience includes projects coast-to-coast of all sizes, from under 10kW to over 1MW.  We provide clean, sustainable and reliable solar electricity solutions for businesses.  Solar power combats the rising and unpredictable cost of energy, increases the reliability of your energy supply and helps offset the damage caused by global warming.  We work with you to evaluate, address and simplify your electric needs and offer engineering, design, project management and financing services.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot WaterReliable solar hot water (SHW) systems reduce your energy use, providing independence from traditional heating sources. A solar hot water production system can provide enough energy to meet 70% of your hot water needs, even in cold climates. An Ideal solution for swimming pools and small electric storage hot water heater replacements.

Solar Air Heating

Solar Air HeatingSolar air heating systems, heat ventilation air before it enters the air handling units. The system uses an all-metal collector panel and is suitable for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Perforations in the panels allow the heat that normally collects on a dark surface to be uniformly drawn through the panels and then ducted into conventional HVAC systems.

High Performance Daylighting Systems

Bring the sun indoors with High Performance Daylighting System (HPDS). Ideal for large warehouses, retail, and workshop spaces, pools, and gymnasiums, our HPDS is available in standard sizes 4’x4′, 2’x4′, and 2’x2′. Custom sizes can be built to suit any project.

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