Ozone Systems

Ozone SystemsOzone systems are retrofits that can be added to existing high volume commercial washing facilities. Essentially, ozone systems pre-treat the water supplied to laundry washers/extractors. The benefits of ozone systems include: shorter wash times and reduced water consumption due to eliminated cycles, reduced energy consumption due to elimination of hot water for sanitization, and reduced operating costs due to reduction of chemical usage.

Front Load Washers

Front Load WashersTraditional top load washers use a large amount of water during the wash and rinse cycles. Furthermore, 40-50% of the time this water is heated, associating an energy component to the washer consumption as well. New front load washer models use approximately 50% less water and 30% less electrical energy than their top load counterparts. The reduction in water also provides a reduction in water heating energy.

High Efficiency Dryers

High Efficiency DryersTypical residential dryers use heat and air flow to dry clothes. Many older dryers are inefficient at their drying process, utilizing the high energy electric heating coil for 60-75% of the dry cycle. Newer high efficiency dryers utilize less heat from the electric coil, and more air movement through the machine. This process allows clothes to dry faster and at a lower temperature, thereby using less energy and prolonging the life of clothing fabric.

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