Smart Control Systems

Smart Control Systems“Smart” irrigation controllers work by monitoring and using information about site conditions (such as soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, and more), and applying the right amount of water to the landscape based on those factors. Once the “smart” controller is installed and set up, the “smart” controller automatically takes care of seasonal weather/site specific adjustments, and allows for remote access for daily updates of the onsite conditions via the internet.

Efficient Designs

Efficient Designs for Irrigation SystemsOur design team has certifications from the Irrigation Association as Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) and is recognized by the EPA as a Water Sense Partner. When an irrigation design is required for a site a thorough evaluation is done to include, water pressure readings, soil analysis, plant water requirements, micro-climate, flow rates, water meter inclusions. We design to meet or exceed the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) water efficiency credit by integrating, rainwater, smart controls, pressure regulation, subsurface drip tubing, flow sensing.

Proper Management

Proper Management of Irrigation SystemsManagement of the irrigation system is the one of the most vital aspects of water conservation for an irrigation system. Our team is trained to audit existing irrigation system to determine operating efficiency and recommending upgrades to make improvements. We evaluate soil type, precipitation rates, head and drip spacing, pressures, pump curves, flow rates, and existing schedules. Our program of upgrades includes retrofitting control systems to a central control, improving distribution systems, and managing the systems onsite and remotely via web-based controls.

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