Boilers and Cooling Towers

Boilers and Cooling TowersCooling towers use fresh make-up water to replace what is lost through evaporation and blow-down. Likewise, boilers use fresh make-up water that is lost through general system operation and small distribution line leaks. In many cases, sewer charges are billed for all make-up water, even though lost water does not enter the sewer drains.

Side Stream Filtration

Side Stream FiltrationWhen water is evaporated in a cooling tower or heated to steam in a boiler, mineral content within the water is left behind creating scale buildup on internal water feed lines. Side stream filtration systems will filter out unwanted particles from make-up water reducing the scale buildup. This, in turn, improves system efficiency and increases cycles of concentration, reducing both water and energy consumption.

Pumps, Compressors, and Condensing Units

Pumps, Compressors and Condensing TubesPumps, compressors, and air conditioning condensing units can be water-cooled, using once-through fresh water. Often times, the water supplied for cooling greatly exceeds the required amount, generating fresh-water waste. Replacements or retrofits are available that can reduce the flow of the water, or eliminate it completely.

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