Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis SystemsReverse osmosis is used in healthcare facilities for the production of purified water. During the purification process a portion of incoming water containing all the filtered particulates is discharged to the drain. This water, though high in mineral content, often remains potable and can therefore be recirculated or recovered for alternative uses.


Sterilizers AutoclavesSterilizers use water in two different areas. Since discharged steam condensate leaves the sterilizer at approximately 200 degrees (F), tempering water must be supplied before discharging to sewer drains. This is often achieved by a constant flow of fresh water. Water is passed through a venturi to produce a vacuum in the sterilization chamber of vacuum type sterilizers. Each of these areas can be retrofitted to dramatically reduce water consumption.

Lab and Process Equipment

Lab and Process EquipmentHealthcare facilities contain many pieces of lab and process equipment that can be water-cooled, including linear accelerators, film processors, high powered microscopes, lasers, stills, medical air compressors, and medical vacuum pumps. Each of these systems present opportunities for replacement or retrofit that can reduce or eliminate water consumption all together.

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