Toilets and Urinals

Toilets and UrinalsA large portion of a building’s consumption can be attributed to use of toilets and urinals. Older inefficient equipment can be retrofitted or replaced with new vitreous china and new piston-type valves providing several benefits including decreased water consumption, more precise flow, lower maintenance costs, and product durability.

Lavatory, Kitchen, and Lab-style Faucets

Lavatory Kitchen and Lab Style FaucetsInnovative technology has provided a simple way to reduce water consumption from faucets. A pressure-compensating low-flow restrictor can effectively reduce consumption by as much as 60%. The new pressure-compensating technology eliminates low pressure problems typically found with first generation low-flow devices. It is necessary to understand the proper application of these devices, especially in healthcare settings where infectious control is critical, as such laminar flow devices are more appropriate than aeration.

Shower Heads

Shower HeadsExisting faucets can typically be retrofitted with new flow controls to effectively reduce water consumption by as much as 80%. These simple retrofits are available in a variety of different flow rates and flow types. Water Savers, LLC can match the perfect faucet flow control based on the primary use of each individual faucet.

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