Water Savers is a turn-key water efficiency partner with decades of experience in the industry. Water Savers partners with parent LRI Energy Solutions and works independently on projects. We will completely evaluate all current water uses within a facility or on a campus to fully understand the existing water use profiles prior to designing and implementing a water efficiency project.

To achieve maximum water efficiency, we strive to reduce potable and non-potable water consumption, re-use water discharges, and recycle water wherever possible. We leverage every available water efficiency technology, water management practices, and alternative water source to achieve this goal.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of water-saving technology. We are a market-driven firm, adapting our service to the changing needs of our customers. The principal members of the company have been involved in virtually all aspects of the water and energy efficiency industry including employment with energy service companies (ESCOs), leadership of water conservation subcontracting companies, and extensive field experience related to facility assessments and conservation measure implementation.


A wholly owned subsidiary of LRI Energy Solutions


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  • CEM
  • Small Business Administration

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