By applying proprietary coating technologies, our team is able to restore HVAC capacity, extend equipment lifetime, and increase energy efficiency, all of which provide an excellent return on HVAC capital investments. This coating was developed by a team of engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the HVAC/R side of energy engineering, facility services, and equipment coating technologies. The coating protection system is tailored based on the condition of the coil and the corrosivity of the environment to extend the life cycle of the equipment, in turn, saving time and money while delaying capital expenditures.

We offer five types of HVAC protection solutions to optimize our clients’ HVAC equipment:

  • coil protection & restoration coatings
  • refrigerant system optimization
  • exterior cabinet protection coatings
  • cooling tower restoration coatings, and
  • hot pipe insulation coatings


  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • CEM
  • Small Business Administration

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