The “building envelope” may be the single most important component of a commercial building from an energy and cost-saving standpoint. Our building envelope experts and can help identify whether your building could benefit from an air sealing and insulation upgrade. We focus on the 4 major areas of the building envelope:

  1. Insulation and Air Sealing
  2. Roofs
  3. Walls
  4. Windows, Doors, and Skylight

Using diagnostic tools including a blower door and infrared thermography during the energy audit process, we’re able to pinpoint exactly where your building’s envelope could benefit from an improvement. Trouble areas could include air leaks, or areas where insulation was improperly installed or has settled over time, or where insulation may be missing completely.

Once potential improvements to the building envelope have been identified, our team of energy efficiency experts is able to quickly and cost-effectively make air sealing and insulation improvements to minimize air leakage, improve R-value, and maximize energy efficiency.


  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • CEM
  • Small Business Administration

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