LRI is a valued partner to the ESCOs because we provide a turnkey solution for building efficiency projects. Our proven process ensures we meet or exceed expectations, both in terms of energy savings and satisfied end-customers.


LRI provides a complete Lighting and Maintenance Savings Analysis that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. The energy savings are calculated on an area-by-area basis and are subsequently summarized by building or facility. Operational hours, standard energy consumption and various other data are used in the analysis to determine savings. These savings establish the return on investment (in years) by comparing the total cost of the project (labor, material, hazardous material recycling and waste removal) versus the annual savings.

Upon completion of the initial savings analysis the design is re-evaluated using various alternative value engineering techniques to determine if any additional savings may be achieved while maintaining the primary design intent.


Audit & Design – Once LRI’s ESCO customer has been awarded a contract, LRI’s audit and design team applies its deep knowledge of lighting and water technology to develop the detailed design, and the construction drawings to guide the equipment procurement, implementation and construction process. LRI’s Audit and Design team has extensive experience in meeting the needs and requirements of all types of facilities.

Project Management – When a project enters the implementation phase, LRI assigns a specialized and experienced construction management team, which ensures that a high quality project is completed safely, on time and on budget, and manages document closeouts and customer training. The team for each project is selected based expertise most appropriate for the scope of work. We maintain more than 250 electricians and technicians strategically positioned all over the country. This bandwidth allows the flexibility and ability to increase manpower on any one project as rapidly as needed.

Close-Out – Upon completion by building, the LRI team schedules a final walk-through to inspect all work and develop any final “punch-list” needs. The Facility Manager shall sign off on the Building Sign-Off Sheet and will only have to return to verify that the punch-list has been completed. LRI provides hard copy and electronic copies of final as-built drawings. LRI also provides safety training, files rebate applications and 179D documentation as appropriate.


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